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Woodcote Primary School


FOWPS Newsletter 10 October 2014 - 12th Oct 2014

Yellow Moon Catalogue – you should receive a copy of this catalogue today. FOWPS are hoping to fund raise for computing equipment for the classrooms and would appreciate your support.


Coffee Shop – FOWPS will be running the Coffee Shop on Saturday 18th October. If you are able to help on the day or bake a cake beforehand, please speak to Helen Hurst or email the address below. Alternatively you can sign up on the list, which will be displayed in the playground each afternoon.


Cake Sale – Thank you to everyone who baked for and helped at the Oak and Hornbeam cake sale. It raised £95, which is a fantastic amount. This will be shared equally between the two classes. The next one will be on the 24th October for Beech and Ash classes.


KS2 Disco – Which had been planned for Friday 17th October will now take place on 5th December. The KS1 disco will be on November 14th.


Wine Tasting – Friday 7th November 7.30. If you wish to book for this event, there will be a member of FOWPS available every Friday afternoon in the playground. Alternatively you can post your payment into the school office. Please state ‘Wine Tasting’ with your name and contact details on the envelope. Tickets are £12 each or £20 for two.


School Lottery, 100 Club – for more information, please email FOWPS or speak to Annie Temple.


Christmas Market – Will be at school on Friday 28th November 6-8pm. If you, or someone you know has Christmassy goods they would like to sell, please email the address below for more details.