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Woodcote Primary School



Since September 2021 we have returned to school working as normal with some heightened considerations for Covid-19, which we all understand is still a risk to everyone.


Parents are asked to use our one-way system at drop-off and pick-up and are also asked to not enter the building without an appointment and not to stay on the school site for any length of time, thus reducing crowding.


Strict cleaning and sanitizing measures are still in place and playtimes, lunchtimes and assemblies are reduced in size to limit the number of people together at any given time.


We will do all we can to keep everyone safe whilst continuing school life as 'normally' as possible.

Contingency Plan for Academic year 2021 - 2022

To see what we were doing from our various places of learning during lockdown, take a look at our slideshow on our "Together in Isolation" page

During the National Lockdown, the school was closed to most pupils.  We operated with bubble classes in school supporting children for a variety of reasons, including those who are children of workers defined by the Government as critical in the fight against the virus.


Within 24 hours of the announcement the team here were ready for online learning.  We taught a full and varied curriculum throughout the lockdown, using many of the successful methods deployed from March 2020 and throughout the other lockdown periods.  We built in many face-to-face opportunities to meet with the teacher for every child learning at home.  We were very aware of the challenges this might bring to some families so requested that they do not work in isolation but contact their teacher, so we could adapt things wherever possible and appropriate.  


Feedback from families was that this was a first rate offer and worked well for almost everyone.