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Beech Class Autumn Curriculum letter - 12th Sept 2014

Welcome to Beech Class and the Autumn Term. My name is Mrs McGinty and I will be covering Beech class until Mrs Mayell joins Woodcote Primary School in January.


English: This half term Beech class will be reading stories with familiar settings and identifying settings, characters and main events in a story. They will be writing their own stories, focusing on using capital letters, full stops and the use of descriptive writing. We will also have a look at poetry.


Reading and Phonics: The children will be having daily phonics. This is interactive and involves learning, then practicing their sounds. Daily reading at home is highly recommended and it would be very much appreciated if a note could be made in their reading record.


 Maths: We will be looking at place value of numbers, comparing and ordering numbers, practicing addition and subtraction and developing their knowledge of multiplication.


Science: The children will be studying ‘Changing Materials’. They will look at different materials and see how heat can alter them. They will also look at grouping different materials.


Geography: The children will be looking at what maps are, producing their own basic map, following basic directions and looking at where the UK is geographically placed.


 Art and Design: The children will be producing work under the theme of ‘Mother Nature’. They will look at the changing season and creating pictures using a variety of different mediums.


 Music: The children will participate in weekly singing lessons with Oak and Hornbeam class.


 Religious Education: We will be looking at why people pray. We will then learn about Islam and things that are important for Muslims.


 PSHE: The children will study communication. They will look at effective listening, turn taking, expressing opinions and problem solving.


Physical Education: The children will be participating in Games. They will develop and use their skills to play end-to-end games, games over a barrier and fielding and stopping games.

Please note that PE kits should be brought into school on Monday and left in school during the week in case PE days need to be changed; kits may go home over the weekend to be washed. The days in which Beech class will be doing PE are Thursdays and Fridays. Please ensure your child has the following PE kit in school: shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottoms (if desired for outdoor PE in the winter), t-shirt and plimsolls. If children do not have their PE kit in school then they will have to participate in lessons wearing school uniform.



Each child will be given a homework folder and, from next week, they will receive homework and spellings. Their homework may be related to any curriculum area but will always give the opportunity to practice writing, reading or numeracy targets. If you have any questions on the homework, feel free to ask me for any clarification. Homework will be given out on a Friday and must be handed in by the following Wednesday. Children will not receive homework just before the start of a school holiday.


 School uniform and kit

Please make sure your child’s name is clearly marked on all of their clothing. This helps if children happen to leave their jumpers on the playground or the dinner hall.


 PPA time

My Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) time will be on Monday afternoons.


Yours sincerely,

 The Beech Team

 Mrs McGinty, Mrs Bernard and Mr Horsley.